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We're a relatively new site devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented Italian grape, but always in moderation. If you feel like wine has taken over your life and you have become addicted, it would be wise to seek out professional treatment. Come visit our site often, what you see is only the beginning. Just so you know who we are, we don't pretend to do everything. Even if we sometimes love The Beatles, we don't have strawberry wine, we can't dance the dutty wine, and we don't sell beer and liquor, or even wine. Our focus is on Italian wine, the kind of wine that you enjoy while celebrating, or that you sip when looking for a cleaning service. You can find wine related gifts online that you can pair with the Italian wines mentioned on this site. Visit our sister site The World Wide Wine for wine around the world.

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Italian Grapes

Sagrantino grape of Umbria in Central Italy

This beautiful Sagrantino grape is grown only on only a few hundred acres (about a hundred hectares) in the Umbria region of central Italy. It is the only grape allowed in the Sagrantino di Montefalco wine that is hard to get in North America.

Italy is home to literally hundreds of grape varieties that can be found no where else on earth. Some are so so, others yield fine or exceptional wines, especially in the hands (and perhaps feet) of Italian winemasters. When we have tasted a given variety we include a clickable review of the wine.

Click here for more information on Italian grape varieties.

International Grapes

Sangiovese grape

Traditionally Sangiovese grapes such as the beauties shown here were found only in Italy. But can we still call them an Italian grape when they now grow in California, Argentina, and Australia just to name the major areas?

Italy is a paradise for grape growers. In addition to indigenous varieties seen nowhere else on earth there are Italian varieties that have spread elsewhere and international varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that now grow in many, many regions of Italy. We include food pairing suggestions. When we have tasted a given variety we provide a clickable review of the wine or wines.

Click here for more information on International grape varieties.

Italian Wine Glossaries


Just like Italy has hundreds of indigenous grape varieties, Italian includes hundreds of wine terms. But you don't have to wade through a dictionary or feel at a loss when facing an Italian wine label. Bring our glossary to the wine store. It does help if you have a portable computer.

Actually we have three glossaries, an Italian-English, an English-Italian wine glossary and a basic wine glossary with an Italian touch. You might want to work your way through both armed with a glass of Chianti or other fine Italian wine.

Click here to access our Italian wine glossaries.

Italy's Fine And Finest Wines

The hills of Montepulciano

On these beautiful gentle slopes of central-eastern Tuscany grow the grapes that are transformed into the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, an excellent red wine.

Perhaps you are not all that interested in the theoretical stuff such as the different grapes and wine terms, whether Italian or not. You have a bit of money in your pocket, you won't need a small fortune, and you'd like to buy a fine Italian wine. This is the place to get the information that you want. For your convenience we provide access by name and by region, for example if you'd like to try a fine Tuscan or Sicilian wine. We even include serving information so you don't hurt your wine by serving it too warm or too cold. And we have included many reviews to share our impressions of the wine with different food pairings.

Click here to find out more about Italy's fine and finest wines.

Italian Wine Articles

Italian wine regions

Italy is home to twenty regions every single one of which produces wine. We have written articles describing each of the twenty Italian regions, a bit of their history and travel attractions, and an unbiased tasting of a representative wine with various foods.

But we are not the only ones who have written about Italian wines. We are including wine essays from a variety of sources. For your convenience we have divided them into Introductory and Intermediate Articles. Because so many Italian wines can be kept for years and even decades we have just added a series of guest articles on storing wine in wine racks, wine cabinets, wine coolers, and wine cellars.

Click here to access the Web's largest collection of indexed Italian Wine Articles

Italian Wine Reviews

Not our review process

This is not our review process. Maybe, like these soldiers, you are in a hurry to get on with it. You just don't feel like wading through pages of prose to find out lots and lots about the given region. You'd really like to know about the wine and its price range.

We have taken many of our wine articles and boiled them down to short and sweet (but not necessarily positive) reviews. We're independent, we purchase all of of wines the same way that most of you do, paying the full price at the local wine store, or a wine-specialty store. That way you get our unbiased review, whether in capsule form or in a longer wine article.

Click here for our capsule Italian Wine Reviews

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