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Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit"I don't anticipate anytime soon that we'll have a [Lawren] Harris canvas like Houses or the big canvas Grey Day, North Shore, Lake Superior" which each carry a pre sale estimate of$800,000to $1.2 million.Joyner Waddington will offer Tom Thomson's Spring Thaw during its fall 2007 auction of Canadian art. ((Joyner Waddington))Joyner Waddington has also named a rare Tom Thomson oil on panel work as one of the highlights of its two day sale next week, choosing to feature Spring Thaw on the cover of its catalogue.The small painting, which Thomson gave to his sister as a gift and which remained in their family for more than 50 years, carries a pre sale estimate of $300,000 to $400,000."Certainly works by Thomson have been at the top level of the major, kind of blue chip works that have been selling during the surge in the Canadian art market," Joyner Waddington director Rob Cowley said.Algonquin Park, the small Thomson oil sketch depicting fall colours that is being touted for the Sotheby's Ritchies sale, comes complete with an intriguing back story.The painting, which officials believe dates from the final autumn before his mysterious death, was discovered amid a vast and valuable private collection in Vermont that also turned up pieces by the Group of Seven and a treasure trove of works by the Beaver Hall Group.In early September, Sotheby's Canada received a call from a Vermont trust company requesting a representative to visit and appraise a Canadian art collection belonging to one of their deceased clients.The Tom Thomson oil sketch Algonquin Park was discovered in a private collection in Vermont, amid a trove of Canadian art. ((Sotheby's/Ritchies))Sotheby's Canada president David Silcox, who travelled to Vermont to scout out the pieces, said he walked into the farmhouse in rural Vermont that was packed full of "a remarkable collection of Canadian art," with pieces displayed, stacked in piles, leaning against walls and even shoved under furniture.. However, there may also be risks ahead in particular, if people reveal much more than intended. Who should have access to your body information? For example, imagine health insurers delight when their customers start to upload intentionally or otherwise their movements, sexual activity, eating habits, or drug use. Do you go skydiving? How much red meat did you eat last week? How many sexual partners have you had? Insurers with this knowledge could charge you more, or simply refuse to cover you. Miller studied the Karmann Ghia and started comparing it to contemporary Porsches and discovered the VW's wheelbase was only an eighth of an inch different from the Porsche Boxster's. Maybe, Miller thought, he could simply take the body off a Boxster and replace it with the body from the Karmann Ghia. Undaunted, Miller shared his ideas with Andy Swartz and then went out to find an affordable Boxster, which he did a 2000 Boxster S model with only 20,000 miles on its odometer was available for $15,000..

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