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Nike Factory Store HoursThursday, April 1, 2010, 5:02 PMIt was a business decision. The suits at Nike wanted to become a corporate player in the basketball sneaker wars. And so, 25 NBA seasons ago the company, led by marketing maven Sonny Vaccaro, set in motion a full court press on a young Michael Jordan (pictured above) to make him the face of Nike hoops.. According to published reports Notre Dame, with its national TV contract and storied football history, has a deal with Adidas worth more than $6 million annually over 10 years. North Carolina, with legendary alumnus and Nike Jumpman Michael Jordan, receives $3.37 million annually from Nike. Alabama, with its national title football team and beyond rabid fans, recently landed an eight year Nike deal worth $3.75 annually.. They were walking through and the kids were each holding a trash bag and they had their backpacks on their shoulders. They had given all of their money the day before to the hotel. They wouldn't give it back. However, the flip side is planners getting more inclined to the business side and becoming business planners rather than creative planners. They are too much into efficacy, results and numbers, whereas there is a hell of a lot of romance in this function and thinking in general. Planning is becoming left brained. But, we have to remember that we are the leaders of the free world. Whether we like to say that out loud or not, it is a fact and the results are triggering off of what we're doing. If Congress is guilty of anything, it is of not having a spine. Like those two chains, Wal Mart may have approached the Chinese market with too much of an American mindset. The company has lost market share to Chinese rivals such as Sun Art, which seems to have borrowed the Wal Mart business model and adapted it to China. For example, Sun Art allows shoppers to purchase groceries in a style resembling traditional outdoor markets. Things threatened to turn nasty when Robert Dowd levelled Cale Tanaka with a dangerous hit just in front of referee Michael Hicks, who called nothing.But Blaze killed a five on three penalty before taking the lead with a two man advantage of their own. Ginand's cross ice pass was met with a Tait one timer.Sheffield equalised with a scrappy goal that went in off Mike Zacharias, but Blaze held their cool and Ginand's burst down the ice to slot the puck under Doyle left the Skydome standing and coach Matt Soderstrom elated.He said: "Everybody focused on the team. We can't worry about the referee or the other team, but everyone was working for each other, diving in front of the puck and blocking shots..

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