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Nike Factory Store Branson MoI'll readily admit that I think the Furminator is one of the greatest pet gadgets ever invented. Have you ever tried one of them on a double coated dog? Or a short haired cat? It's crazy how much fur those things comb away. So you can imagine how excited I was when the FURminator people invented another product. What is a Profit Margin? The profit margin on any retail product is the amount of money the company pockets after accounting for the costs, expressed as a percentage of the total sales. The simple equation is sales minus costs equals profits, and profits divided by sales equals profit margin. For example, if you sell a shirt for $100, and the total cost to you was $70, the profit is $100 minus $70, or $30. By Dakin Andone and Deanna Hackney, CNN(CNN) The gruesome murder of a transgender teen in Missouri has some wondering why the three main suspects arrested aren't facing hate crime charges.According to police reports, Vrba, 18, admitted to killing Steinfeld and burning her body.Schauer and Calderas allegedly helped Vrba hide Steinfeld's body. Schauer and Calderas told police Vrba claimed he stabbed the victim's genitals multiple times and gouged her eyes out.All three are being held in jail without bond and have yet to be arraigned. Their lawyers did not immediately respond to CNN's requests for comment.The grisly details of Steinfeld's death have prompted some to call for the suspects to face hate crime charges."There couldn't be a more vivid example of someone being targeted because of their gender identity than being stabbed in their genitals," said Dru Levasseur, director of the Transgender Rights Project for Lambda Legal, a nonprofit working organization for the civil rights of the LGBTQ community.According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which tracks violence against transgender people, Steinfeld is the 21st transgender person who has been killed in the United States in 2017."HRC is also deeply concerned about the investigation into her death," said HRC legal director Sarah Warbelow in a statement to CNN."As details of her brutal murder are confirmed, it seems likely that anti transgender animus played a role," Warbelow said.Police went to the Cabool, Missouri, trailer home of 24 year old Calderas after Steinfeld's family said Calderas, Vrba and Schauer, both 18, were the last people to be with the teen. The season runs until the end of October, but from Oct. 18 to the 31st the maze features a haunted farm to celebrate Halloween. General admission is $10. Graduate transfer Kendall Smith figures to start at the point, with Brandon Averette ready for an increased role as the backup. Yankuba Sima, a 6 11 center who transferred from St. John's last January, will provide a shot blocking defensive presence once he's eligible following the first semester.

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