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Nike Blazer FitPowerful message in support of women sports is brought to us on prime time TV by Nike. First aired on NBC Aug. 30, the commercial, written and produced by women, is part of the company continuing Just Do It campaign. "The point of my book, ',' has double meaning. But one of the meanings is that for all of the worrying that I did, at no point did my worry lead to my next career step. I know that's easy to say, but the hard work that people put in now, it will pay off for them and they see it later. Within 15 minutes, through Facebook posts and records from a bike dealer that sold that type of bike, Smith said he found the original owner who had reported the bike missing in Anderson County.Smith said when people sell him bikes, he takes down their personal information including address and driver license number "so we have a record of the person who sold the bike to us in case it does come up stolen."The bike from Friday was recognized by special features like the water bottle cage and a worn seat cover. Smith said it was also damaged, with the serial number rubbed off, unraveled bar tape, and there was mud on the tires, which wouldn typically happen with a road bike.Clues like those help investigators identify a stolen bike, but they said it filling out a sheriff report that will typically get it back to its owner.Lt. Michael Hildebrand with Greenville County Sheriff Office said filling out reports is often overlooked but necessary."While a lot of times people think that it gone forever, never see this item again, a lot of times we successful in recovering stolen properties," said Hildebrand.Hildebrand said most thieves want quick cash, so they turn around and try to sell what they grab.Investigators said the best thing people can do when first buying a big ticket item, whether a bike, or even guns or electronics, is to write down the serial number, take pictures and be able to describe what was stolen.If it is stolen, they want people to fill out a report right away.If something big is reported stolen, it goes onto a national database so law enforcement in other areas can be on the lookout.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Mother arrested in connection to death of 15 day old babyMother arrested in connection to death of 15 day old babyUpdated: Saturday, January 6 2018 5:27 PM EST2018 01 06 22:27:34 GMTSource: WGCLThe Newton County Sheriff tells CBS46 Cortney Bell was arrested Saturday morning in a Home Depot parking lot in Conyers.The Newton County Sheriff tells CBS46 Cortney Bell was arrested Saturday morning in a Home Depot parking lot in Conyers..

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