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Nike Factory Store QueenstownIn other transportation news, Central Texas cannot circumvent toll roads by using the Texas Department of Transportation's new method of "pass through financing," a panel told county commissioners at this week's meeting. Pass through financing, much touted by toll road opponents in recent weeks, is a new TxDOT financing method in which the state repays local jurisdictions for fronting the cost of much needed improvements on the state road system. Under the system, a jurisdiction, such as Travis County, would tell the state it agrees to put up the cost of the road improvement, as well as agrees to complete it quickly, and the state agrees to repay the majority of that cost to the jurisdiction over time out of gas tax revenues. Robots Dreams features general robotics, hobby and educational robots, robot contests, FIRST, RoboCup, combat robots, artificial intelligence based DARPA robots, robot software and code, robot hacks, robot reviews, LEGO Mindstorms NXT, VEX, and Lynxmotion. Robots Dreams also reports on space, military, industrial and medical robot news. The robot centric website focuses on hobby and educational robot products and projects, including robot and robotics technology news from Japan, the US, and around the world. Teo has been on the Women's International Tour and the International Tennis Federation Tour since 2004. At the age of 16 she received her first Women's International Tour ranking of 776. In 2014 she achieved her highest tour ranking as 121 in doubles. Any questions?" Then there is Nike's classic slogan: "Just do it."Unfortunately, however, not all slogans are good ones. Many just leave you wondering what the companies were thinking when they picked them.For example, I was driving on I 10 recently and noticed a tagline on the side of a truck as it sped by me. It said, "You drive and you retire." I had no idea what that could mean. The shoe company Nike is named after her, as the signature swoosh relates to her speed and wings. Nike, however, is considered to be a less important goddess because of the fact that she has no purpose as messenger or god amongst those that are present in Mount Olympus. She is said to have used her power for her own pleasure rather than to care for the people. Despite the fact that her dad died before Robin was born, she and her four older brothers share so many happy childhood memories.For more than 10 years, Robin has honored the memory of her mom, and now her aunt, by adopting kids, recruiting friends and family to buy and wrap presents, and delivering them to the Boys Girls Club Christmas Party.It started with 100 kids and now numbers about 250.Buy Photo (Photo: Kristin Askelson, for The Advertiser)The past couple years, Robin has needed a little extra help. Last year, Daily Advertiser readers and employees adopted about 30 children for whom Robin had pledged gifts.This year, the need may be even greater.As a mother, there's no way I can look at these lists and not adopt a child. Taking stock of all the blessings in my life, fulfilling one of these lists seems like such a simple task.

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