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Nike Cr7 Savage BeautyJoseph Girard III of Glens Falls High School only a junior is on pace to pass Stephenson later this month. JG3, as he's known, has 2,592 career points and is averaging 48.3 per game this season. In December he broke the school record that was held by Jimmer Fredette, who played with four NBA teams over five seasons and is now scoring at will in China.. "The build process was extremely challenging for all the students and they had to come together as a team to complete the task. Everyone was on a steep learning curve. The whole experience was life changing for the students and will change the life of this Mexican family for the next 30 years.". We are not at the mercy of anyone," he added. He is heading the team that is building "an animal" called Geo synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III (GSLV MkIII). It has a lift off weight of 630 tonnes and can put a four tonne satellite in a geo synchronous transfer orbit with an apogee of 36,000 km and a perigee of 180 km.The rockets India has built include SLV 3s, Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicles (ASLV), Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles (PSLV) and the GSLVs. MOUTH OF THE SOUTH: On the day of the Auburn Florida game, Florida coach Steve Spurrier addressed his penchant for controversial commentary in the Gainesville Sun. ''What I've got to do is be extremely careful,'' Spurrier said. ''I can't be myself anymore. However, employee absenteeism and a failure to enforce workplace policies that reduce absenteeism impact other employees and affect the company's ability to maintain accurate records. Employees who witness supervisors overlooking or even ignoring absenteeism for certain coworkers and not all employees in the same department eventually may exhibit signs of low morale and poor motivation. Low employee morale and poor motivation then become problems for HR to resolve, forming a basis for conflict between HR and line management.. Greco Roman wrestler Ellis Coleman has become known as the "Flying Squirrel" for his unusual signature move of the same name. When faced with a deficit late in a match, Coleman will often do a standing flip over his opponent's head and grab his waist on the way down. The move has earned Coleman plenty of fame through YouTube clips of him using it at the 2011 Junior World Championships.. Philippe Coutinho is being linked with Barcelona and as they know only too well at Anfield from the transfer of Luis Suarez the Spanish giants tend to get their way.FA begins investigation into Roberto Firmino clash with Mason HolgateReports suggest the Catalan club have made the Brazilian a top priority, noting his ability to play in various positions as a significant quality. That his former team mate Suarez and compatriot Neymar are already at the Nou Camp could help sway a deal.If he were to go Liverpool would have a major hole to plug. Coutinho is the club's best player this season he's scored 10 goals and delivered six assists and been the most creative outlet.Coutinho will be a hard act to follow (Getty)So who could Liverpool replace him with? Some reports have suggested Liverpool will demand in the region of 76million for Coutinho which will mean they have the funds to make a serious statement in the transfer market.We've taken a look at some of the contendersMarco ReusProbably the stand out option and a player who has been linked with Anfield ever since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

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