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Nike Flyknit Racer MAlthough we know that this time of year is for our girls to get the rust off and gear up for high school ball, it is a treat to watch some of the emerging talents in the area compete. The past weekend offered intersting match ups for AA County basketball programs. We watched Arundel, Mead, and South River played local AAU programs. Kristin's Comments: K Swiss is a brand I almost always give a second look at. They know how to make shoes for sports but this particular one feels more like a walking shoe than a tennis shoe. The ventilation is non existent. MAULDIN, SC (FOX Carolina) The South Carolina State Board of Education has suspended the educator certificate for two former Greenville County educators who are accused of inappropriate conduct.The board said former Mauldin High School assistant principal Amy Ballard was placed on administrative leave in December 2016 after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a male employee at the school.Ballard admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to the employee and engaging in inappropriate physical conduct twice on school grounds, according to the board.The reported relationship ended several months before the investigation. Ballard resigned on Jan. 31.A spokesperson for Greenville County Schools confirmed Lee Taylor, a former coach and teacher at Mauldin High School, also resigned on the same day in connection with the incident.According to the state Education Board, Taylor was accused of inappropriate conduct with two female district staff members. As an officer he was specially trained in artillery air defense. Assignments included: Artillery Adjutant in Korea; Nike Hercules Missile Battalion Commander in Chicago; Aide de Camp to General Waters at Pacific Headquarters in Hawaii. He was promoted to Full Colonel while employed as Director of Civilian Manpower Management at the Pentagon in Washington DC and received the Legion of Merit Award upon his retirement in1970. "Continuing his strategy of personal attacks in lieu of responding to the evidence, Salazar also tried to take selective shots at my current coaching at Houston. He strategically mentioned we had not qualified a distance runner for indoor or outdoor nationals, leaving out the individual we qualified for cross country nationals, and for the world junior championships in the 5k. This selectivity speaks volumes to me about his intentions and character. The public wasn't buying explanations and Duffy had to pay the money back, Harper told him.Harper has denied saying this, but has said he ordered Duffy to pay back ineligible expenses. There was no discussion about where the money would come from, one source told CBC News, and the meeting ended with Harper saying Wright would make the arrangements.The Prime Minister's Office has called the comment about the arrangements "categorically false."May 9, 2013: During question period in the House of Commons, Harper addresses the expense scandal, saying, "Duffy some months ago repaid the money."May 16: Duffy quits the Conservative caucus to sit as an independent senator "pending resolution" of the expense questions."Throughout this entire situation I have sought only to do the right thing. I look forward to all relevant facts being made clear in due course, at which point I am hopeful I will be able to rejoin the Conservative caucus," Duffy says in a statement.May 19: Nigel Wright resigns as Harper's chief of staff, following revelations he wrote a $90,000 cheque to cover Duffy's expenses.

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