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Nike Factory Store GeorgiaThe driver of the SUV stopped briefly but then left the scene, police said.Shortly after the reported crash, police asked the public for help identifying the driver.The community group and the victim's family believe police are "withholding pertinent information that would move the investigation forward.""The driver knew she hit someone and blatantly disregarded the injured child and the law," the group said in a news release. "According to the state statute this is a crime and if the Greenville Police are allowing this, it is aiding and abetting which is also illegal and a crime."Police Chief Miller said the woman came forward and spoke with investigators several days after the incident was reported.Miller said at this time they can't establish that a collision actually occurred. He said there was no evidence on the vehicle and the woman denied ever hitting the boy.Community activist Derrick Quarles said the child suffered multiple injuries, including a concussion, in the incident, but Miller said the child was only diagnosed with abrasions to both knees at the hospital.Miller said investigators have tried to speak with the victim and witnesses, but have been denied.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Mother arrested in connection to death of 15 day old babyMother arrested in connection to death of 15 day old babyUpdated: Saturday, January 6 2018 5:27 PM EST2018 01 06 22:27:34 GMTSource: WGCLThe Newton County Sheriff tells CBS46 Cortney Bell was arrested Saturday morning in a Home Depot parking lot in Conyers.The Newton County Sheriff tells CBS46 Cortney Bell was arrested Saturday morning in a Home Depot parking lot in Conyers.Numbers drawn for $570 million Powerball jackpotNumbers drawn for $570 million Powerball jackpotUpdated: Saturday, January 6 2018 11:40 PM EST2018 01 07 04:40:20 GMT. Our "Instant index" here on a Friday night. Lebron and that leg cramp, after the heat wave at the NBA finals. When the ac went out, remember, Lebron endorses Powerade. Get or give yourself a pedicure. Your toenails should be short and neatly trimmed. Polish is good, too a neutral color or clear are safe bets. Question mark: Is he the go to guy? Poythress looks to be the most accomplished offensive player on this team. He scored more than 40 points in four games as a high school senior, but whether or not he'll stay in attack mode with so many talented players around him won't be answered until the season begins. If Poythress doesn't defer to others, he could well be the fourth straight freshman to lead the Cats in scoring..

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