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Nike Cr7 Purple"No one is eliminated unless we know where they were the night of the murders." Bell said computerized leads amount to thousands and thousands of pieces of paper. "The computer tracks single leads," he said. "One lead may require 50 or 60 interviews or lab work before it's closed. "The commercial's been planned for some weeks, way before the Crystal Palace incident," Scott Garrett, the European advertising manager, said.Daniel Amokachi, Everton's Nigerian international striker, will be free to join Eintracht Frankfurt once the season is over provided the German club agree to meet an asking price of around 1.7m.Eintracht have mounted a Europe wide search for a goalscorer to replace Anthony Yeboah, who is now with Leeds United, and yesterday confirmed that Amokachi headed their list.Amokachi became Everton's first major black signing when Mike Walker paid Club Bruges 3m for him last September, but he has not started a match since Joe Royle's first game as manager, in November. Duncan Ferguson's suspension and injury to Paul Rideout mean Amokachi is required as cover.David Platt was yesterday suspended from both European Cup Winners' Cup semi final legs against Arsenal. The Sampdoria midfielder and England captain was sent off towards the end of the penalty shoot out win against Porto.Rob Witschge, Blackburn's deadline day loan signing, was yesterday banned from European competition for three games. Rival Japanese schoolgirl gangs duke it out like b ball pros in a Tarantino reminiscent showdown, courtesy of Nike Japan. Although this spot may seem targeted toward plaid skirt chasing fetishists, it's actually part of a campaign that W K/Tokyo launched last year to celebrate "Bukatsu," the middle school and high school sports club system in Japan. Four spots directed by Kevin Thomas feature young athletic diehards in various inspirational, sometimes silly sports scenarios, to illustrate the tag "Doko made ikeru ka" or "How far can you go?" The effort also featured print, outdoor, a mobile phone component and a viral campaign comprised of a series of wacky shorts directed by Yudai Yamaguchi about Katsu kun, an anthropomorphic breaded pork cutlet turned all star who dusts his human opponents in all sorts of sports. Good news for Sacramento hip set: you can now carefully craft your mid century modern digs without going to San Francisco. Brand new Bows and Arrows the folks who brought you Olipom boutique and the Pretty Trashy clothing line an enormous showroom of vintage clothing and furniture. Details are still in the works for their official launch party on the evening of December 1, but co founder Trisha Rhomberg says the store will be late that night with refreshments, music and a sale.

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