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Nike Cr7 Red And GoldAt Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Cedar at Bonits, through May 28. To volunteer, please contact 644 8833. At St. 2 World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington Hailing from Suffolk, England, 34 year old Chrissie Wellington won the World Ironman not once, not twice, but 3 times. Wellington is also the first person, either man or woman, to win the Ironman World Champsionship as a rookie within just one year of going pro. How tough is this leading lady of extreme sports? Within a week of tearing her pectoral muscle, Chrissie Wellington won the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, more than 2 minutes ahead of her nearest contender.. Jamie Vardy is making up for lost time. A Premier League winners' medal, appearances at both Euro 2016 and in the Champions League, and now a Ballon d'Or nominee. Not bad for a lad who was still playing non league football at 25. Last season, center Tyson Chandler and forward Jared Dudley filled this role well, strong voices both on the court and in the locker room. Chandler, 34, has two years left on a contract worth about $27 million. Dudley, who turns 32 this month, has two years left on a contract worth $20 million.. That's when we started experimenting and creating ideas that are completely not centred or attached to any media at all. People were spending more time on the Net than on TV, so we had to do that. The last couple of years I was there, we tried to create thinking that could populate any touch point because it's not so much that TV is dying, but that the other touch points are gaining more importance in people's lives; in the US, it's the Net.. Purpose The goal of a brand name is to provide an easy to recognize and remember name that evokes a positive response in consumers. For example, many shoppers prefer to buy "brand name" products as opposed to the generic kind because of their perceived value. A trademark provides legal protection of the brand name. CORBETT, OR (KPTV) Multnomah County Sheriff Deputies are searching for a man they said stole tools, two safes and valuable coins from a shed at a Corbett home belonging to his own father.Deputies said Dan Johnson, Jr., along with two other suspects, broke into the outbuildings on Christmas.The safes had approximately 50 to 60 lbs. Of silver and jewelry inside, detectives said.They also contained a coin collection worth several thousand dollars.Investigators told FOX 12 that the suspects dumped the collection into a coin counting machine in Gresham and received about $450 in return."The obvious answer that the crooks were idiots, just simply an idiot," said Dan Johnson, Sr. "To not know the value of what they had taken, just to get pocket change for it.

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