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Nike Black Friday ItaliaNow she never pipes down.Her peak year was at age 73, when she ran her best marathon time of 4:34.08. Her training included 50 to 60 miles a week as she was finally out of her home made dress although the ensuing years made her wish also for knee pads.At the Pike's Peak 28 mile run in Colorado, half the race is up the mountain and half the race is down, and the descent is the more dangerous portion."I saw three men on stretchers, and a man with a broken leg," she said. "And I'm thinking, 'This is what happens when you do the round trip?' Well, I started down and the path curved and my legs went out from under me. SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) Severe storms ripped through the Upstate Monday, with the National Weather Service investigating at least six reports of tornadoes. Spartanburg County saw the most severe damage.Terry Sanchez Lewis and his 6 year old son Sebastian were in a truck on I 85 Business when they got caught in the worst of the storm."The lights are flashing from the transformers blowing, the wind is howling," he said. "I hear stuff pelting the truck. "Winning," Hall said of his goal at Tennessee. "To get out there and win games."Freshman Defensive Line 6 2 245Defensive Line Coach Steve Stripling on Butcher: "Andrew comes from a very successful program and has an excellent knowledge of the technique used in college. He has a great football mentality and motor. Keith Harrington, Team Tamp, Bradenton Northeast Harrington continues to impress on the offseason circuit. He was the running backs MVP at the Nike Football Training Camp in Orlando and he showed out this weekend, as well. A player about whom not a lot of people had knowledge, is quickly making a name for himself. All but three out of the 19 have been due to gunfire."This is what I got when I got here," he said "I never thought it would be nothing like that."Neither did Beasley. She had to face her emotions to try to console the victims mother."It's a family problem. It's a social problem, it's a drug problem. Garnett to Pierce. Gasol to Kobe. Odom to Kobe. KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) "I was actually the closest to the window where this happened," Moss said. "At the time, I did not realize this was my neighbor's that this was happening to." When I later became aware of it, I was just in shock. I think I'm still in shock."Donald Gaines was less shocked. "It was a good experience, in that also, I've realized this is what I need to be doing, this is what I like to do. There is definitely a challenge in doing this. There's a change in lifestyle doing that other thing that I'm not willing to try yet and may never be willing to try.".

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