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Nike Air Max 95 SGREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) "It keeps your lips moisturized and I've had the same one for like a year and a half and I have other ones I use too, but it lasts a long time," said Churchill.It's long lasting, but could the side effects last a long time too? One woman said they do.Rachel Cronin posted pictures of her skin after using EOS, then filed a class action lawsuit against the company, saying "within hours her lips became substantially dry and course."It goes on to say her lips "began severely cracking on the edges causing flaking and bleeding from the cracks.""I feel like the more you use it the more you need it though. Cause your lips get used to it," said Churchill.But as some have posted to social media, they are tossing the product in the trash."We have varieties of chapsticks but they don't always work for people, sometimes they don't work because, that's not the right problem you're treating.Humeniuk is an Upstate dermatologist and said there could be many reasons why someone has a bad reaction to a lip balm. "A lot of them have a flavoring, a lot of them have a color, so sometimes you're allergic to that," said Humeniuk.He said it all depends on the product."If your chapstick is not working, you don't always know if it's the chapstick, or maybe it's some other problem," said Humeniuk.EOS provided this statement, in response to Cronin's reports of side effects to their product:"We firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. Sen. Sen. Dennis DeConcini, a Democrat, and three other senators become known as the "Keating Five" after being accused of improperly intervening with federal regulators on Keating's behalf. 49.50 $650. Now 17.32 227.50. Sweaters, sportshirts, suits, sport coats, dress pants, knit tops more. (It was the Orteig Prize that directly inspired the Ansari XPRIZE for space travel.) Lindbergh took home the $25,o00 winnings and everlasting global fame but more importantly, the prize kicked off global air travel, seeding an industry of vastly greater value. 18 months of the contest, air passenger traffic had gone up 30 times, says Chris Frangione, the vice president of prize development at XPRIZE. Is why prizes are so powerful they leverage resources.. Marc Leishman of Australia, who found himself in a fifth place tie with compatriot and world No. 1 Adam Scott, also hit seven under as did Englishman Chris Wood and Ireland Shane Lowry. Open, must have felt like destroying his clubs after shooting a seven over 79, making him eight over for the tournament..

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