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Nike Id Roshe 2C. Hayward [14,15], A. Kirkpatrick [16], R. Houston Texans kicker Nick Novak kicks during a joint practice between the Texans and the New England Patriots at training camp at The Greenbrier on Wednesday, Aug. ( Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle )Houston Texans kicker Nick Novak kicks during a joint practice between the Texans and the New England Patriots at training camp at The Greenbrier on Wednesday, Aug. (. DIA was recognized in several other categories as well: Ranked no. 2 for Best Airport Staff in North America and Best Regional Airport in North America; no. 3 for Best Airports in North America (Vancouver and Cincinnati were nos. In remarks in a live broadcast, he said residents in areas still at high risk were being evacuated and national agencies mobilized to assist in the recovery."It rained in Manizales like it has never rained before," Santos said.The landslides occurred as Colombia is still recovering from the March 31 disaster in Mocoa, and the two incidents drew several immediate parallels. Both caught unsuspecting residents off guard in the early morning hours after the cities received unprecedented amounts of rain. Both also struck hardest at poor people living in precarious housing developments.In one Manizales neighborhood hit Wednesday, several houses had been constructed on a mountain slope despite it being known to be at risk for landslides, Rendon said.One resident, Ana Henao, said she was at home with her 12 year old daughter Tuesday evening when their roof began to collapse from the intense rains. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRaymond said a professor challenged him to go ahead with his project, telling him, "Mathieu, you should talk about your project because there's only a fool in a billion who is going to make a running shoe assembled in Quebec. So no one is going to steal your idea."Six years later, Raymond is the co owner of Math Sport, a company that makes custom and personalized running shoes in Quebec.For custom fit shoes, clients have their feet scanned by a special machine that takes precise measurements of their feet. Custom insoles are made for each shoe.The buyer also decides how big of a drop he or she wants between the heel and the toe of the shoe, how firm or soft the sole will be and how tightly the shoe fits the foot. At each end of the bridging is a U shaped abutment extending back 60 feet and connecting with long wing walls to protect the ends of the approach fills. These walls are of semi massive reinforced concrete with interior buttresses technically known as counterforts extending back into the fills. Heavy sheet piling and riprap enclose the abutment area and the toe of the fill.

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