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Nike Blazer Premium SeBadham established state receiving records in career receptions (154), career yardage (2,878) and career touchdown receptions (38).Friends finds wayTaylor Smith had the game winning goal in Friends' 3 2 triple overtime victory over B Conference rival John Carroll.John Carroll, after struggling to a 2 12 mark as a member of the A Conference in 1993, returned to the B Conference last season and won it all.It went undefeated in league competition and shutting out Friends, 7 0, in the title game at UMBC.Aviles, who hit .425 as a junior, ranks second among area batters at .666.She ranks first in hits with 16, and is tied for the lead in triples and has eight RBIs.Aviles is also Western's backbone on defense, helping to guide underclassmen pitchers Angeleta Evans and Tiffany George.Evans (6 0) ranks fourth in strikeouts with 58 in 34 innings.Western, which went 15 2 and won the District 9 city championship last year, appears to be headed for another playoff appearance.Reach one, teach oneThe city's Department of Recreation and Parks, in conjunction with Project Reach One, Teach One, is sponsoring an Easter Showcase basketball tournament for boys and girls 8 to 19 years old, and adults at Lake Clifton on April 17 21.Smith shines on courtWestern's All Metro guard Kim Smith was a standout at the Nike All American game in Hampton, Va., on Sunday. Smith, who signed with Georgetown, scored 12 points for the White All Stars as it defeated the Blue All Stars, 86 71.Weighty changes in wrestlingHealth and safety concerns have prompted tighter restrictions for high school wrestling. The measures, approved by the National Federation Wrestling Rules Committee, will take effect during the 1995 96 school year.. So, alas, Americans continue dubbing their tykes after their favorite brands. The parents had gone to court in August 2013 requesting to change the child's last name, but instead the judge said they should also amend the first name. To her, it just wasn't an OK name for a mere mortal. I actually work for the city. Reporter: Of the fife stores we visited, four received violations. At one store, this olive oil A ten cent overcharge. No . Evidence of defect or dangerous condition of these shoes when used normally. Was wearing a pair of Air Jordans when he stomped on the face of a prostitution customer who was trying to leave a Portland motel without paying. He was a driver. He had a special Indy 500 flame retardant suit with his name on it and everything. And he was a driver, so I was like, "OK, I trust this guy." He was driving 18 wheeler buses, and he had an official Indy 500 suit. Lasn's background in advertising shows. Rather than being a ranting left wing rag, Adbusters is slick and full of smart graphics and insightful critique. His ideas, so pertinent now in the global financial chaos of today, have always been ahead of their time.

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