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Nike Blazer Finish LineIntercepted e mails from leaders of Colombia's FARC guerrillas suggest that they have received help, and possibly arms, through Venezuela. Of course Venezuela's government denies such claims. So just how much of a menace is Chavez, and what, if anything, can be done about him?. Jeff Merkley. Believe that diversity drives innovation and allows us to attract and retain world class talent. We need fair and equitable laws that prevent discrimination, the company said in a statement.. Do see other issues of that similar nature coming up across the supply chain but not on a frequent level, she said. See issues of working conditions on a less egregious nature across the board. Which came under heavy criticism a decade ago for its use of foreign sweatshops and child labor, has taken steps since then to improve conditions at its 1,000 overseas factories. "Most of the time I look at it and go, oh, my gosh' and let it go," she said. "But when it gets to a point where they take it out of context with me wanting him to get injured, absolutely not! I have to correct that. I would never wish that on any human being. "There's still very little real, honest, truthful, unfiltered, non agenda driven feedback," he said. "And the whole key is to get that feedback, because so many mistakes are made because people get into the other part of it. And there's so many opinions and voices and everybody's got an idea on it but there's very, very few decision makers. Then, there's the example of a hair products company, Clairol, which introduced the "Mist Stick", a curling iron, in Germany. The company discovered to its horror that 'mist' is slang for manure. Little doubt that the product didn't exactly fly off the shelves as not too many people had use for the 'manure' stick.. Reporter: But not everyone is happy. Hi, I'm Jessie. Nice to meet you. I remember when I was a kid, I don't know the exact age, that I wrote letters to trainers and said I wanted to buy a race horse. I didn't get any responses. It was like I was writing to Santa Claus.. The Buckeyes defeated the Fighting Irish 44 28. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Ohio State University has extended its current sponsorship contract with Nike by 15 years in a deal worth $252 million.The university and the Beaverton, Oregon based athletic apparel company announced the deal on Thursday. The current partnership had been scheduled to end in July 2018. Chacun est en train, dans sa veine, de devenir un petit matre. Il semble que le seul qui n pas encore opr sa mue est Inarritu. Cause perdue?. These shenanigans leave the rest of us ever more cynical and distrustful, numbly tuning out all but the games, wagging our fingers and expressing outrage, or displaying some combination of all those reactions. Sooner or later we also tend to vilify the NCAA, which deserves its fair share of criticism. Unfortunately by now we've so thoroughly challenged the validity of the organization's actions and judgments, it's no wonder so many schools, coaches and athletes take its strictures lightly when there's an almighty dollar to be made..

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