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Nike Air Max SensationDid the panhandled bottle of wine, the shot of street stuff, was that what kept the one raggedy man wrapped up under the bank bay window long after sunrise, long into the afternoon? I noticed the old, frail, wizened white man, neat, with tie, collar, and worn, almost shapeless coat jacket. Nothing scruffy. Just the aura of "Poor.". So now they sit in a box in a closet in my house. Evidently, we are waiting for my daughter to get a larger apartment (actual floorspace to be able to use your feet to propel yourself around the apartment appears to be a prerequisite) so that they can sit in a box in a closet in that new locale. Suggestions on my part that perhaps it would be better to redistribute them to the unBeanied parts of the world were rejected with extreme prejudice.. The house became the adda where they cast aside their daily lives and discussed the killing fields of Kashmir, Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar. Inside house No78, Mohammad Sajid was not just a tailor but a ringleader who would go on to assemble a bomb. Sameer Ahmed and Shakir Ansari were not just small time salesmen of auto parts, but devoted followers of their leader, Sajid. / (Photo credit: Nike. Used with permission.)INDEPENDENCE (92.3 The Fan) A group of kids from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation got quite the surprise last week at the Cavaliers practice facility, Cleveland Clinic Courts.And a new pair of shoes that were designed by The King himself.Check Out the video produced by Nike of their visit.RELATED: Photos LeBron James, Nike Host Patients From Cleveland Clinic Children HospitalJames collaborated with Nike designers to develop a shoe that would be easier for disabled athletes of all ages to put on and take off.about us empowering every kid and everybody to understand that we are all athletes, James said in a release from Nike. Myself and Nike to be able to collaborate on a project like this has been special since the very first time it was brought to the table. "Every day, you think about him. If you see a person walking up and down the highways, you have a tendency to take a double look. If the phone rings and it's a number you don't know, we're wondering if this is going to be the call today. Ambush marketing, through which companies try to associate themselves with an event without paying to be an official sponsor, has long been a fixture of the sporting world. At the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Nike upset official backer Converse by erecting murals of its sponsored athletes in locations that were visible from within the main stadium. Commercial partnerships with the likes of Coca Cola and Samsung, for instance, now bring in about 40% of Olympic revenues.

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