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Nike Flyknit JdIt's no wonder that travel is a running theme in Hays Ewing co founder Christopher Hays' explanation of his journey to architecture. The Greenville, South Carolina native has lived in Japan and Italy and journeyed to the Netherlands, Spain, France and Greece for both work and study. It was a trip to Vienna during an undergraduate exchange program with North Carolina State's School of Design, though, that he says influenced him the most. Fashion Week and Britney Spears go together like fried chicken and Champagne in a good way. Wearing a vibrant red jumpsuit, Spears presented her new lingerie collection Intimate by Britney Spears at the New York Public Library on Tuesday. The program notes included gems like, "Sometimes I like the thrill of being two women at once On days like this you can call me Amaryllis, but only in a whisper, and only when you feel as beautiful as a flower." It's a deal, Amaryllis.. OROVILLE An actor seen throwing the discus in a GE commercial, now airing during the Olympics, grew up in Oroville. In the commercial, filmed in Croatia, Anderson Davis plays a Greek discus thrower whose projectile knocks down a building representative of the ancient Parthenon. The commercial, which can be viewed on YouTube by searching for "Anderson Davis videos," advertises wind power utilized at the Beijing Olympics. Call it customer centric. Call it immersive. But however you label the kind of marketing David Schriber oversees at Nike, the best description comes from the reaction of an onlooker in New York's Times Square, who was watching Nike sneakers being designed by passers by and displayed on the Reuters sign 23 stories up: "This proves again why Nike's ahead of the game," he said.. Virgil van Dijk to make Liverpool debut in Merseyside. Jose Mourinho is no clown but the Manchester United. Henrikh Mkhitaryan's woes continue as Jose Mourinho's. Kind of feels weird that he is a professional athlete, Mbayed said. Honestly, I see him just as Matt. Demands also include high expectations from the Red Bulls, who see Miazga as an important part of the future. New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino on Friday announced arrests of 79 child predators and child pornography offenders in Operation Safety Net. 7 with aggravated criminal sexual contactby the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with a 14 year old girlover whom he supervised as a camp counselor. Still, in opening pool play routs of France San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker leads the French and Tunisia, Krzyzewski's influence has been evident. In short, he has NBA all stars playing for team and country. The leader of the pack, with eight, was James, a three time league MVP and newly minted NBA champion..

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