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Nike Air Max Vj-fMonday on WVEC TV, Channel 13. The former WGH FM (97.3) deejay will team up with meteorologist Rhonda Bentley for this more casual version of morning television news. Weekdays, preceding ABC's "Good Morning America." WVEC is billing the program as a "lively mix of talk and information, interviews, phone ins and other hi jinks."Long time Dj Signing Off. MANSFIELD, Texas Police in Mansfield are looking into whether a Mansfield car burglary suspect who fired shots at a resident Tuesday morning is the same suspect Grand Prairie police have been looking for. To a home at 1600 Valleywood. Police say a resident in the home heard his car alarm going off and went outside to find an armed burglar. Their premium toy line can now be found in some of the top boutiques across the planet. They have carved out their own niche in the contemporary art world with their eye popping installations, performances, paintings, prints, sculptures, and multimedia works also draw the attention of corporate moguls. Some of the clients they have seduced with their otherworldly charms include MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Nike, Volkswagen, Toyota Scion, Red Bull, Target, Sony, BMW, Mini Cooper, Hasbro, and VitaminWater, among others. Gray, 18, of the 1300 block of Southview Drive in Oxon Hill was arrested Monday at his home and charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.Lancaster's fingerprints were found inside Betts' bedroom and Saunders fingerprints were found inside and outside Betts' 2007 Nissan Xterra, which was stolen from his residence the night of his murder and found on April 17 in the 3900 block of Fourth Street SE in the District, alleged Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger in a press conference Monday evening. There are at least two surveillance images of Gray using Betts credit cards at undisclosed businesses, according to a police news release. A website is up and running, although visitors can only play around with colors and patterns for now, not place an order. "I'm looking to launch a Kickstarter around December for pre orders," Unis says. "That's how we'll take our first orders. Thus enhancing collaboration and diversity of ideas. The management team also wants to create a friendly atmosphere, essentially like a family. The Management Team will have economic incentives. Predicted that dry winds that fanned several fires across the region for a week would begin to lose their power Monday. Light gusts were pushing onshore, driving the flames back up hillsides and away from communities, Santa Barbara County Fire spokesman Mike Eliason said. But the possibility of gusts would keep firefighters on edge for days, he said..

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