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Nike Blazer IvoryWatch the full episodeJune 10: Trends in the Ontario election numbersThe Nanos Number: 6, the drop in turnout for the advance polls in the 2014 Ontario election. What impact will voter turnout have on the election? Watch the full episodeJune 4: Pipeline politicsThe Nanos Number: 36, the net negative impact on Conservative candidates voter support if the government gives quick approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Is quick approval worth the risk for the Harper government? Watch the full episode. " 'So whenever you're done (with football), I think you should pursue this and take lessons.' "Three months later, Asomugha got a call from his agent saying that the same commercial director wanted him in his television show.The director was Peter Berg. The show was "Friday Night Lights." "I had no clue who Peter Berg was," he said, "but that was one of the moments that told me this is something I could take seriously at one point in my life." He ultimately appeared in a guest role on the Season 4 premiere.Following in big stepsAsomugha's Hollywood origin story is just one example of what Courtney Brunious, associate director of USC's Sports Business Institute, describes as "a lot of crossover between sports and entertainment these days."Because athletes often network in similar circles as Hollywood, "they're getting more exposure to the industry" and with "all the opportunities to produce content now versus 15 years ago," many athletes are taking the opportunity to extend their 15 minutes of fame. "They're utilizing their celebrity to further their interests beyond just playing sports," Brunious said.Asomugha is following in the big shoes of Jim Brown, Terry Crews, Michael Strahan, Earvin (Magic) Johnson and LeBron James. I knew at some point that I would have to let it go. I wanted it to be on my terms and I wanted it to be at the point where I could be at peace with my basketball career. So after seven straight Finals and a tough defeat to a very, very good Golden State team, when I got back home and thought about it I said I have two opportunities in front of me. Syracuse: Stay at 6, despite two one goal losses to higher ranked teams and everyone else showing this year's parity. (D Lax) I can't put a team with four losses in their last seven games in the top 10, so Syracuse ends up at 11. (DallasLaxDad) SU will continue to be a force in the game; they reload and get stronger with each game, taking something and gaining more with each contest.

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