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Nike Flyknit 4 WomensTeam Evangeline eventually took a four point win after Thursday's alternate shot and Friday's individual competition."We had to stop Friday with four holes left because of rain," said Guillory, who captained Team Gabriel. "I think we would have won a couple more of those matches because the momentum had shifted, but I couldn't feel bad because half the Louisianians were on the Evangeline team."Guillory said the delegation heads from all the countries enthusiastically voted to continue dividing teams on handicap for the foreseeable future, including next year's event in Portiers, France and the 2016 event hosted by Lafayette."Nobody wants to play matches where you're done after 11 or 12 holes," Guillory said of the match play system. "This way, most of our matches were 2 and 1 or 1 up and everybody played 17 or 18 holes just about every day."But what it promoted was much more camaraderie between the nationalities, and that was the original idea."The local group had the opportunity for an early Congres preview on Wednesday on the off day from competition, taking a tour of the Grand Pre community, the site of the deportation of the Acadians in 1755 which is now a national historic and World Heritage site.The one constant in the Acadiana Cup is change, and that will be the case when Lafayette takes its turn to host in September 2016 especially since that hosting will be in the Black Hills of South Dakota."It'll be the sixth time the Europeans and Canadiens would be here," Guillory said, "and they wanted a change of pace. Through the recreation department, the city has also expanded programming to 36 diverse sports/activities including lacrosse, scuba, cricket, boxing, hockey and fencing, in addition to growing traditional offerings like tennis, football, soccer, baseball and basketball. The recreation department has also expanded its after school offerings in a partnership with the BOE and has added such new programs as teen mentoring, to provide our youth with positive, enriching activities.Schools: For the first time since 1989, complete local control will be returned to the Jersey City Public School district. This is a result of a strong effort by the administration, the superintendent, dedicated teachers and engaged parents to improve the quality of education throughout the city.Innovation and Technology: The Fulop administration has placed a huge emphasis on leveraging technology and utilizing data to drive results, build efficiencies and make government more transparent.

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